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motorcycle news,supermoto,motogp,motorbike,moto2,harley-davidsonI rode Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure thrice during the afternoon and evening on Tuesday with media. We crossed around the same time, from Laos to Cambodia. First Laos facet tells us to verify we can cross the border to Cambodia, so we went there and set a value for the bikes (they asked 20$ per bike, in the end might accept 20$ for 2 bikes, nonetheless an excessive amount of). Than we went back Laosside, needed to pay another 5$ every for some paper we apparantly should have got when we entered. Than went back to Cambodia. They had been actually rude there and tried to get more money for some stamp, we stated no and determined to attend (we introduced water and food). After an hour or so the grumpy guy finally got here to us and finnished the visas. So 30$ for visa, 10$ for bike.

There are plenty of exciting adjustments occurring in the powersports business proper now. From electrical motorcycles to sensible helmets, model bulletins to progressive applied sciences. We love talking about and sharing all things motorcycles. Up to date every enterprise day.

When the miraculous eyes of a new born little one falls on T. V, whereas lying in his moms arms and if he see’s Moto GP and his eyes fall on bike no. 46. The kid units a target for himself, to be a world champion at some point and his inspiration is ‘THE PHYSICIAN’ Valentino Rossi. And that’s what Valentino Rossi is made up of, a all the way down to earth attitude engulfed and protected by humility, indomitable will, talent and energy and optimistic infectious inspiration.

1. Remove your seat. Most Sportster bike seats are eliminated by unscrewing the Philips head screw located at the rear of the seat. Slide the seat forward whereas lifting up barely to detach the keyhole bracket from the seat submit. Then slide the seat to the rear to detach the seat tongue from the rear tank bracket. The process is the same for solo and two-up seats.

It is no wonder that Thailand is named the land of a hundred million scooters.” The streets of Thailand are plagued by bikes of all makes and designs headed in numerous directions. According to the Pew Research Center , 87% of the households in the nation own a minimum of one motorbike. With 18 million households, there are a minimum of 15 million bikes within the nation. In accordance with the BBC, there are as much as 20 million registered motorbikes within the nation and 1,000,000 more which are unregistered. Thailand additionally has the highest motorbike accident deaths on the planet with a mean of 5,000 motorcyclist deaths recorded annually.

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